Summer Hours are by APPPOINTMENT ONLY. Call 829-5923 or email lnfolger@buffalo.edu to make an appointment.
If you are having trouble with the Universal Laser pen settings missing please follow the directions at Laser Cutting/Troubleshooting FAQ.
Laser Cutters
B/a+p has two Universal Laser Systems useful for etching, folding or cutting any 2-dimensional shape from a variety of thin materials such as acrylic, chipboard, wood veneer, and thin plywood. They are located in Crosby 52.
3D Rapid Prototyping
B/a+p has two different types of 3D printers. One Zcorp machine, this is a powder based printer. The second is a Dimension, that prints using ABS plastic.
CNC Machine Tools
The AXYZ Millennium CNC Router and the B/fab’s 5-Axis CNC are located in Crosby 52. The adjacent computing lab has dedicated workstations for writing CAM files for these machines.
B/fab Staff are available daily to assist users with these tools.
The Digital Fabrication Shop has a minimum 24 HOUR policy. We hold the right, for no matter what reason to finish your job within a 24 hour time frame. This policy doesn’t apply during mid-term and finals weeks.